Renewables and Future Fuels

A developing capability at Wasco. Our focus is on harvesting renewable energy for delivery to consumers directly or through stored energy in BESS, Hydrogen production, storage and transport and Pumped Storage. Wasco works with technology developers to deliver pilot and production facilities in this quickly expanding sector. Our ability to package components at Wasco facilities and to construct complete renewable systems in partnership with technology providers means project owners can rely on Wasco as a complete solution provider.

Gas & Petroleum

Wasco provides project management, design, supply and construction services to customers in conventional and unconventional oil and gas. Surface facilities from well site to city gate, through secondary mains and distribution pipelines and district regulators.

Wasco has been a part of the coal seam gas development in Queensland since 2004 and also delivers facilities to conventional oil and gas customers including buried and surface laid pipelines, well pumping, metering and separation, gas compression, dehydration and export facilities.

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Mine Site Services

Wasco provides EPC services to mining operators and owners for delivery of surface facilities. Infrastructure delivered by Wasco includes gas drainage pipelines and surface control equipment, cross country dewatering pipelines, vacuum pump extraction facilities and associated cooling and flare systems.

Wasco is also capable of providing onsite services ranging from simple upkeep and maintenance tasks to complete EPC of mining program projects.


Wasco delivers water pipelines, storage, pumping and treatment facilities. We have experience in design, supply and installation of HDPE, MSCL, DICL and GRP pipeline systems and work with experienced water treatment and storage solution technology and equipment providers.