Our Vision

The trusted provider of midstream infrastructure engineering, procurement and construction services in the oil, gas, petroleum, water and renewable sectors.

While we are obligated to our many stakeholders to grow our business, we constantly strive to balance out our economic ambitions with societal and environmental obligations, so that we will prosper in an ethical manner and make a positive impact on Profits, People and Planet. By inculcating a spirit of excellence in all that we set our hands to and by maintaining an esprit de corps at all levels of our organization, we believe we still stand out as a model for responsible corporate behavior.

Our Philosophy

Wasco Energy is committed to be the integrity leader in the markets we serve. We are passionate to understand every facets of your operational needs – from consultation to installation, so you will always get the most cost effective and efficient solutions for your projects. Our dedicated team brings a wealth of operational experience and technological solutions to ensure your project success.

The Core Values that Drive Us

At Wasco Energy, we are passionately committed to not just providing exemplary products and services. Beyond that, we have also pledged to keep striving for and contributing to the betterment of the environment, our community, employees, service providers, shareholders and stakeholders. As such, we have formulated seven guiding principles to rightfully align and ensure we are on the right path to upholding our commitments and fulfilling our promise.


We will embrace our company's vision, energy and growth plans in a passionate manner.


We will always act with integrity and will remain professional and accountable while operating in an open and transparent manner.

Performance Based

Everyone in Wasco has the same opportunity to receive rewards, career and professional advancement, based on their capabilities and achievement.

Intolerant to Waste

We treat the organization and its resources as if they are our own – with prudence and care. We are always aware and mindful of operating at our most efficient in terms of cost, time and opportunity.

Committed to Customers

We will meet customers' expectations and deliver on our commitments every time, all the time.


We will conduct our operations in the safest manner possible, ensuring no harm to people and no damage to the environment.

Socially Responsible

We will treat everyone with respect and empathy. As we work to achieve our vision, we will not forget the less fortunate. We are socially responsible and place value on being charitable, caring for the environment and supporting our stakeholder communities.

Leadership Team

Mel Whyte


Contact: 0732556550

Michael Butterworth

General Manager Operations

Contact: 0732556550

Tegan Alexander

General Manager Systems & Facilities

Contact: 0732556550

Andrew Freeman

Business Development Manager

Contact: 0732556550

Michael Filmalter

Head of Finance and Business Systems

Contact: 0732556550

Shane Irwin

Purchasing Manager

Contact: 0732556550