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Wasco provides experienced efficient construction solutions to the oil and gas industry in Australia. Above Ground Facility and Pipeline construction.

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Construction Services

Wasco provides significant resources to Construction Services projects throughout Australia. With expertise in Above Ground Facility and Pipeline Installation, Wasco has delivered exceptional results for major clients including Arrow Energy, Santos, Origin Energy, Xstrata, ERM Power, Jemena, QGC and Senex Energy.

Key services offered include Well Site facility supply and installation, Gathering System construction, Compression Package installation, Balance of Plant construction and Cross Country Pipeline construction. Wasco also offers after delivery field and offsite service, maintenance and parts for rotating equipment.  See Maintenance Services section.


Our People

Wasco specialises in Construction Services and has a dedicated, professional team focused on this area. Some of our key personnel have been delivering projects for Wasco since 2003 and have worked for major clients such as Santos, Origin Energy, QGC and Arrow Energy.

Our Construction Services personnel are currently deployed on projects throughout Australia and have a reputation for being easy to work with, professional and exceeding all client expectations. Our clients often come back to Wasco as a result of the quality of service and we have built ongoing relationships that span decades.

Our Equipment

Wasco operates a fleet of modern construction equipment acquired to provide our clients with the very best technology, control and safety in construction.  Our fleet includes Fast Fusion MFT and Crawler Unit Mobile PE Welding capability providing high quality, reliable, state of the art polyethylene butt fusion welding capability from 140mm to 900mm in diameter.

In addition we have available modern trenching, pipe laying and steel pipe bending, welding and coating equipment and with partner equipment providers we can mobilise to construct the largest, longest PE, Steel or composite pipeline project quickly and effectively.

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Our Projects

Wasco has been delivering successful Construction Services projects in Australia for over 10 years – with a strong focus on Coal Seam Gas (CSG) projects across Queensland and New South Wales. Recent projects have included 11.5km DN500 Gas Pipeline delivered on the QCLNG Kenya Lateral project.

With a well-established track record of delivering Construction Services projects that produce results for their clients, Wasco is a strong company with a proven delivery capability.

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Our Partners

Wasco partner with a number of organisations to deliver results-driven Construction Services projects.

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